In a world where women are pulled in a million directions, Naked Spirit offers a sanctuary where you can fully unleash your true feminine essence.

Naked Spirit helps you to flow through your life, to feel a sense of liberation and confidence, moving with grace and strength.

Katrin Kivi

creator and designer of naked spirit

Melds with your skin

The alchemy begins the moment Naked Spirit melds one with your skin— the world quiets down, and a subtle change occurs from deep within. It's not just clothing; it's an invitation to a deeper dialogue with yourself.

Create without limits!

Katrin speaks how Naked Spirit Kimono was born, design and materials

New Arrivals

It's Your Space

Naked Spirit space celebrates the chaotic beauty of female energy, giving you the freedom to be truly you. Through the ethereal beauty of our silk kimonos, you'll look as stunning on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Silk Kimonos

Made from the finest Mulberry silk, it's a symphony of luxurious comfort and timeless style. Each kimono carries its own message, like a gentle whisper to your soul, a reminder of what you already know deep down. Slipping into our kimono helps you tap into that 'feeling'—your personal energetic signature.


"As I tuned into Light Magic kimono's design, I experienced both depth and lightness! It's as if I entered my own inner universe, captivated by the symbolism of butterflies – a representation of transformation, awakening, and enlightenment"


SENSUAL Feminine Leggings

Our leggings and tops are designed to celebrate your authentic femininity. They become a second skin, effortlessly sculpting your body and accentuating your natural curves. Own your sensuality, beautifully!


"These leggings are so comfortable and fit so well that I don't want to take them off. They've become part of my everyday life, whether I'm wearing them to yin yoga in the morning or to a coffee shop with a friend afterwards. They make me feel like a woman, not an athlete."



Whether you choose sporty crop tops to embrace your active spirit or luxurious viscose tops to indulge in effortless elegance, our tops collection offers a diverse range of styles and colours to complement your unique taste and lifestyle.


"The silky viscose top from Naked Spirit is as lively as a soft cuddle. I can tell right away that it's made from a quality fabric. And cut to be just right, sophisticated yet feminine and sexy. I love it!"


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