Our Story

In a world where women are often pulled in a million different directions, Naked Spirit offers a sanctuary where you can fully unleash your wild femininity— sometimes to heal, sometimes to scream, sometimes both.

This space celebrates the chaotic beauty of female energy, giving you the freedom to be truly you. Through the ethereal beauty of our silk kimonos, you’ll look as stunning on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Need for Space

Life is busy. Where’s the room to let your hair down and simply be? It’s more than just craving a physical space; it’s about tapping into your own inner world and energetic peace. That’s where the essence of Naked Spirit truly shines, guided by the multifaceted vision of Katrin Kivi. A fashion designer, artist, therapist, and yoga teacher, Katrin combines all these elements into her true essence, infusing healing into every kimono she designs. 

Each kimono carries its own message, like a gentle whisper to your soul, a reminder of what you already know deep down. Whether you’re meditating, taking a walk, or enjoying a night out, slipping into our kimono helps you tap into that ‘feeling’—your personal energetic signature. It becomes a ritual, a tactile cue that helps you more effortlessly tap into your inner well-being. And when you feel good inside, the outside naturally follows.

Your True Essence

Naked Spirit is not just a brand, it’s an awakening. As countless women have shared, the alchemy begins the moment Naked Spirit melds with your skin—suddenly, the world quiets, and a powerful emotional shift originates from your core. This isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s an invitation to a deeper dialogue with yourself, a gentle nudge reminding you that the quest for authenticity is a path you walk, yet along the way, you feel held.

Our Evolution

You might notice, if you take a scroll down memory lane on our social media pages, that Naked Spirit was born from the roots of Spiritjooga. Our initial passion for crafting the most comfortable high-end yoga tops and leggings evolved into something much bigger: lifestyle wear for all occasions. The fact is, our tribe couldn’t get enough of these pieces, wearing them from yoga mats to theater seats, and from airport lounges to grocery stores. Recognizing this universal appeal, we rebranded and expanded our vision to lifestyle wear that celebrates the beauty and essence of every woman. Spiritjooga still lives on, encapsulated in the DNA of Naked Spirit, and we honor that legacy by keeping the originals in our collection.

Beauty of Being

In a world layered with expectations and norms, you, as a woman, are the true example of courage and grace. Through the maze of social norms and personal conditioning, you’ve kept your heart open, daring to peel back the layers and simply be – a woman. At Naked Spirit, we’re not just creating garments; we’re celebrating this courage, this simple and profound act of being authentically you. Because sometimes, the most beautiful things are also the simplest. You were born a woman, and that, in itself, is beautiful.

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